KF – N

KF – N

KF-N filters serve for removal of mechanical impurities from water and other liquids with a maximum temperature 60°C by a wound filter candle of PP EKOFIL type. It is possible to filter the liquids with a higher temperature while using the other types of candle filters. The filter consists of a lid, container, sealing, lock, supporting tube, filter candle and plug.

Description of filter

The lid is designed to connect to the pipeline by inner threads B1”. Moreover, input canal and output canal are both made with nipples G ¼” for screwing the manometres. The liquid flows into the filter body through the canal which is eccentric and flows out through the canal which is in the middle of the filter lid. Flow direction is marked on the lid by an arrow. The container is attached to the lid by the lock and the sealing is inserted between bearing surfaces. The contraction of parts is made by the rosette on the lock. The contraction has to be done only manually, by hands, without any tool!

The carrying tube of filter candles is screwed into the thread in the lid on which the candle is placed and the lower clamping ring is screwed manually, so that the edges on the ring are cut into the candle wound.

In the basic setting, the filter is delivered without manometres and without the FILTER CARTRIDGE. There are screwed plugs in the threads for manometres.

Carrying tube of PP type for clamping of EKOFIL cartridges.
Carrying tube of CI type for clamping of CINTROPUR NW25 cartridges.

Basic technical data
Inside diameter 25
Max. working pressure 1 MPa
Flow depends on the connected filter candle
Max. temperature 60°C (for PP EKOFIL candles)
130°C (for other filter parts)
Structural measurements Length: 167 mm
Thickness: 365 mm
Clamping: G1”, or CLAMP DN 25
Threads for manometres G 1/4”
Weight without candle 3220 g

Filter material
Body and the other metal parts stainless steel AISI 304 in standard
(AISI 316 on demand)
Sealing CLAMP DN100 EPDM (rubber)
PTFE (teflon – on demand)
DIN 32676
DIN 32676
Filter candle
EKOFIL type Polypropylene,
Producer SPOLSIN Česká Třebová
CINTROPUR NW25 type Producer Airwatec,
Supplier KSK Česká Třebová