For capturing of mechanical impurities in liquids and gases.

The KF filter is the armature constructed for the wide use. It is the candle filter whose filter cartridge is placed in sump closed by lid.

The KF filter is a filter with one filter cartridge. It consists from the container (sump), lid, rubber sealing and filter cartridge which is delivered separately in a quality according to the customer’s wish. Input and output of operation fluid is in the filter’s lid. The attachment is the double side threaded with inner threads G1”. The sealing between the lid and the container is done by O-ring. The filter cartridge is cylindrical and has the length 250 mm. It is made from polypropylene fibers wounded on a plastic core. The KF filter is produced and comes in three variations.

Basic types of KF filters
KF-U – black for industrial use, not approved for contact with drinking water, material ABS/ABS-750 SW
KF-P – white approved for contact with drinking water, material ABS/ABS-750 SW
KF-Ch – blue designed for filtration of chemical solutions, material Polypropylene/TABOREN PH 81 C 40

Basic technical data
Filter permeability depending on the filter cartridge
Permanent working temperature 50°C
Max. pressure PN 1 (1 MPa)
Nominal inner diameter DN 25 (1″)
Weight (kg) 1,1 kg
Sealing O-ring made of silicon rubber O 95 x 85 mm

KF-P filter is approved by the decision of the principal hygienist of the Czech Republic, marked as HEM-3244-16.12.99/47134 for a contact with drinking water.

Wound candle filter cartridges PP EKOFIL for KF filters

Manufacturer SINTEX, a.s. Česká Třebová


These cartridges serve for the filtration of liquids and gases, polluted with mechanical impurities. They are made of perforated polypropylene tube, on which a polypropylene fibre is wounded.

High chemical resistance of the fibres as well as the tubes enables to use the filter also for the filtration of aggressive liquids.

Their special construction brings very good hydrodynamic properties (minimum pressure loss, high filtration velocity) together with excellent filtration effect and high filtration efficiency.

During filtration, suspended particles are captured on the surface and within the porous filter candle. The special method of fibre winding provides the formation of “cellars” which enables depth filtration. The holes in the filter cartridge are of capillary nature. At the beginning of the filtration process the size, number and length of the pores play a role. During the filtration process, a continuous layer of the captured particles is gradually forming and the cake filter ability starts to work. With the increasing thickness of the cake and enhancing distribution range of the particle sizes, the filtration velocity decreases whereas the filtration efficiency increases.

The SERVICE LIFE of the filter cartridge depends on multiple factors, such as the suitable permeability, the quantity of the filtered suspension, the concentration of the particles in the suspension, the range of the particle sizes in the suspension, the nature of the particles, etc.

Basic technical data
Length 250 mm
Winding diameter 57-65 mm
Inner diameter of the tube 28 mm
Material of the fibre and the tube polypropylen
Maximum operating temperature 60 °C
Maximum pressure 500 kPa

Overview of variants
Type S O O/L
Permeability in microns 0,5-1-3-5-10-20-50-100 5-10-20-50-100 0,5-1-3-5-10-20-50-100
Suitable for the following technologies Standard Special Special clean and for the contact with food
Area of application: industry chemical
food industry
other special clean industry

Flow volume in litres per hour (water, clean filter cartridge)
Permeability 0,5 1 3 5 10 20 50 100
Delta p = 10 kPa 120 240 350 450 600 650 950 1050
Delta p = 50 kPa 700 1200 1800 2100 2400 2500 3300 3700

The listed values are for the reference only. The actual flow volume depends on the following:

  • pressure gradient
  • permeability of the filter candle
  • type of liquid (viscosity)
  • level of pollution (concentration of the particles)
  • particle size range
  • clogging of the filter candle

The filter cartridges marked O/L are approved for the contact with drinking water on the basis of the Decision of the Main Health Officer of the Czech Republic, Ref. No. HEM-324.4-28.5.1993.